Introducing Second Spear

“As a matter of fact Zande thought expresses the notion of natural and mystical causation quite clearly by using a hunting metaphor to define their relations. Azande always say of witchcraft that it is the umbaga or second spear. When Azande kill game there is a division of meat between the man who first speared the animal and the man who plunged the second spear into it. The two are considered to have killed the beast and the owner of the second spear is called the umbaga ” E.E. Evans-Pritchard

Second Spear is a blog for disciplinary focused, in-depth essays (1000 words) and collections concerning methodological, theoretical, ethnographic issues. Like Azande witchcraft, MAQ’s Second Spear aims to provide insight and explanations that go beyond the obvious, and that call for multiple perspectives and explanations.

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