MAQ has two blog options!

Critical Care is an outward-focused blog where anthropological insights about current events and peer topics in peer-reviewed publications can be shared. Critical Care blogs should be jargon free and potentially of interest to readers far outside of the field. Like the critical care delivered in clinical settings, MAQ’s Critical Care provides careful responses to urgent matters demanding our attention.


Second Spear is a discipline-focused blog where essay format explorations of medical anthropology themes and topics are shared.  Second Spear essays should be presented as collections, curated by an editor or group.  These collections might emerge from conference panels, workshops, or other collectives working together on a topic. Like E.E. Evans-Pritchard’s explanation of Azande witchcraft, MAQ’s Second Spear aims to provide insight and explanations that go beyond the obvious, and that call for multiple perspectives and explanations.

If you are interested in posting to either of these sites, please contact Amber Benezra

If you are interested in augmenting current issue article pages with an author interview or other supplementary discussions, please contact Vincanne Adams

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