Volume 30, Issue 4 (December 2016)

(Lesley Jo Weaver, Editor)
by Lesley Weaver, Ron Barrett, and Mark Nichter

singerEctoparasitic Syndemics: Polymicrobial Tick-borne Disease Interactions in a Changing Anthropogenic Landscape
by Merrill Singer and Nicola Bulled

emily-mendenhall1-jpgBeyond Comorbidity: A Critical Perspective of Syndemic Depression and Diabetes in Cross-cultural Contexts
by Emily Mendenhall

manderson-and-warren“Just One Thing after Another”: Recursive Cascades and Chronic Conditions
by Lenore Manderson and Nacelle Warren

jo-weaver-for-article-summary-jpgTransactions in Suffering: Mothers, Daughters, and Chronic Disease Comorbidities in New Delhi, India
by Lesley Jo Weaver

brandon-kohrt-jpgCulture and Comorbidity: Intimate Partner Violence as a Common Risk Factor for Maternal Mental Illness and Reproductive Health Problems among Former Child Soldiers in Nepal
by Brandon A. Kohrt and Christine Bourey

mark-nichter-jpgComorbidity: Reconsidering the Unit of Analysis
by Mark Nichter

Disordered Eating/Eating Disorder: Hidden Perils of the Nation’s Fight against Fat
by Susan Greenhalgh

Locating Purity within Corruption Rumors: Narratives of HPV Vaccination Refusal in a Peri-urban Community of Southern Romania
Cristina A. Pop

Enveloped Lives: Practicing Health and Care in Lithuania
by Rima Praspaliauskiene


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