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Can Microbes Give Gifts?

by Alex Nading I find it ironic that theory, which is the epitome of cooperation and togetherness, can deeply divide people who spend their entire time thinking about cooperation and togetherness. – Ed Yong, I Contain Multitudes Shortly after I finished reading I Contain Multitudes, I attended an interdisciplinary meeting of microbiome ecologists, evolutionary biologists, […]

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Writing the Microbiome

by Amber Benezra Imagine that you really like ice cream. You like it so much that you spend years learning about it—you become an expert on ice cream ingredients and how they chemically combine, you do fieldwork in ice creameries, living with, working with, and intensively studying ice cream makers, you taste and love every […]

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Radiating Microbes and Fuzzy Anthropologies

by Erin Koch As humans in our household, my wife and I are collectively outnumbered as a species by dogs, cats, and an aquatic turtle. I write from my home office in the company of one of our pups. She is tired from morning walks, eating neighborhood flora and soils, and monitoring our backyard for […]

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The “Anecdote” Insult, or, Why Health Policy Needs Stories

by Jessica Mulligan and Emily K. Brunson Sharon asked to be interviewed at a gas station restaurant. It was close to her home so the trip burned minimal gas. And, it had air conditioning. In the middle of a Texas summer she had forgone paying her electric bills in order to purchase refills of the medications she […]

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The Society for Medical Anthropology’s Letter to President Trump on the ACA

February 16, 2017 Dear President Donald Trump, Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Secretary Tom Price, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Lamar Alexander, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader-Elect Charles Schumer, and Representative Kevin Brady: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has prevented thousands of U.S. citizens from experiencing financial ruin due to medical costs […]

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The future of trans- medicine under Trump

by Eric Plemons   On the morning of November 8, I assuaged my Election Day anxieties by working on a small grant application that a mentor had suggested she could put in front of some friendly funders. For months I had been developing a project examining how US institutions are responding to a growing demand […]

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Incarcerated women, anthropology, and Trump

by Carolyn Sufrin, MD, PhD “My worst day in jail is better than my best day on the streets.”   This is a phrase that Kima, a woman I came to know while doing fieldwork and practicing medicine in jail, said to me a number of times. Kima’s declaration reflects an unsettling reality, which I describe […]

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Letter from the Editor

I am delighted to be taking over as Editor of Medical Anthropology Quarterly, the AAA’s flagship journal for our field.  I do so with gratitude to Lance Gravlee for his four years of diligent leadership and his extraordinary effort in generating the MAQ website that is launching simultaneously with my editorship.  Thanks also to Yasemin […]

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Open access options at MAQ

One of the most striking changes in scholarly publishing is the growth of open access, and anthropologists are deeply engaged in this movement. Tom Boellstorff, former Editor of American Anthropologist, made the case for “Why the AAA Needs Gold Open Access” (open-access version). Cultural Anthropology will go gold open access in 2014. And I expressed […]

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MAQ seeks a new Book Review Editor

Medical Anthropology Quarterly invites applications for the position of Book Reviews Editor. The ideal candidate would be broadly trained in medical anthropology and committed to meeting publication deadlines. The Book Reviews Editor’s responsibilities include: selecting books for review identifying qualified reviewers ensuring that reviews are completed in a timely manner editing reviews for length, clarity, […]

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