Aims and Scope

Medical Anthropology Quarterly is an international journal published by the Society for Medical Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association. The journal publishes research and theory in all areas of medical anthropology. Its goal is to stimulate development of important theory, methods, and debates in medical anthropology and to explore the links between medical anthropology, the broader field of anthropology, and neighboring fields in the humanities, social sciences, and health-related disciplines, including public health and clinical practice. MAQ values the full range of theoretical and empirical approaches in contemporary medical anthropology and seeks to bring researchers from diverse perspectives into conversation with one another. The Journal is committed to scholarship that seeks to undo the structures of white supremacy, (settler) colonialism, and the knowledge practices upon which these have been built. We aim to provide space for antiracist and anticolonial praxis, and are committed to amplifying the voices and perspectives of underrepresented scholars from around the globe, including in our practices of publication, citation, and circulation.  Our publishing prioritizes holistic and cross-cultural perspectives that are distinctive of anthropology in general. This approach encompasses, but is not limited to such topics as:

  • the meaning and experience of sickness, health, and healing
  • the structural, cultural, and linguistic context of healing practices and access to care
  • cultural, political, economic, and ecological influences on individual and population health and climate change
  • interactions between cultural and biological dimensions of health and healing
  • critical analysis of health-related research, policies, and interventions
  • ethnographic research on medical practice, technologies, and knowledge production
  • global and transnational dimensions of health and health care
  • applications of anthropological theory and methods in health-related practice

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