Content from Medical Anthropology Quarterly


Conjuring Biosecurity in the Post‐Ebola Kissi Triangle: The Magic of Paperwork in a Frontier Clinic

Raphael Frankfurter

December 1, 2019


Zoonotic Semiotics: Plague Narratives and Vanishing Signs in Madagascar

Genese Marie Sodikoff

March 1, 2019


Cell Phones ≠ Self and Other Problems with Big Data Detection and Containment during Epidemics

Susan L. Erikson

September 1, 2018


Bioseguridad in Mexico: Pursuing Security between Local and Global Biologies

Emily Mannix Wanderer

September 1, 2017


Medical Research Participation as “Ethical Intercorporeality”: Caring for Bio-Social Bodies in a Mexican Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Study

Emily Wentzell

March 1, 2017