Letter from MAQ Editor regarding COVID-19

Dear MAQ Community,

I am writing to let you know that the MAQ Team will be active and responsive during this time of rapid engagement with COVID-19 in relation to pandemics, epidemics and responses. We remain open for submissions for blogs and peer-reviewed articles on any topic. 

Additionally, we will use the MAQ website to support the timely and broad distribution of material generated by our fellow medical anthropologists working on COVID-19 related issues. We are teaming up with Somatosphere and the rest of the SMA communication platforms to cross post web content. This partnership will allow multiple entry points to material and facilitate fast and broad distribution of COVID related content across all platforms. MAQ will also host a specific blog called, COVID-19 Responses. Members of the MAQ community are invited to submit material for this blog directly to Vincanne Adams for consideration. Submissions will be reviewed expediently and posted as quickly as possible.   

We want to assure authors who have articles or blog posts in the pipeline that our peer review and production activities are on track. 

In addition to supporting burgeoning work, we would also like to recognize that for many of our MAQ community members, COVID-19 and related responses will impose new challenges, or further existing ones. If you are facing issues related to revising or reviewing articles for MAQ, please just reach out to our editorial staff. 

Here’s hoping you all stay healthy and safe and that we soon see light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

Your MAQ Editor,

Vincanne Adams

*image by Tomas Pueyo