Volume 37, Issue 4 (December 2023)


The prenatal care color line and Latina migrant motherhood

Jessica P. Cerdeña

Epistemic Silences and Experiential Knowledge in Decisions After a First Cesarean: The case of a vaginal birth after cesarean calculator

Nicholas Rubashkin

The afterlife of “doing medicine”: Birth planning, chronic illness, and regeneration among the Lisu on the China–Myanmar border

Ting Hui Lau

Governing with contagion: Pandemic politics, COVID‐19, and undermining public health in Florida

Nolan Kline

The politics of irrationality

Clare IR Chandler, Laurie Denyer Willis, and Miriam Kayendeke

The pursuit of clinical recognition: Aesthetics, care, and music therapy in North American hospitals

Meredith Evans

Book Reviews

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Heather Howard‐Bobiwash

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Kristin Hedges

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Yidong Gong