Volume 38, Issue 2 (June 2024)


A pandemic of metrics

Ann H. Kelly, Clare Chandler, Julie Livingston, and Vincanne Adams

Ebola lessons: Did prior epidemic experience protect against the spread of COVID‐19 in Sierra Leone?

Kristen E. McLean

Reproductive gerrymandering, bureaucratic violence, and the erosion of abortion access in the United States

Alyssa L. Basmajian

The woman is the active agent: General practitioners and the agentive displacement of abortion in Ireland

Brenna McCaffrey

Birthing hostages: Haitian women’s stories of maternal medicine, debt, and hospital detention

Alissa Jordan

“They think we wear loincloths”: Spatial stigma, coloniality, and physician migration in Puerto Rico

Adrian Santiago‐Santiago, Alixida Ramos‐Pibernus, Armando Matiz‐Reyes, Claudia Mercado‐Rios, John Vertovec, Joshua Rivera‐Custodio, Kariela Rivera‐Bustelo, Kevin Grove, Mark Padilla, Nelson Varas‐Diaz, Sheilla Rodríguez‐Madera, and Yoymar González‐Font

Book Reviews

Review of Families on the Edge: Experiences of Homelessness and Care in Rural New England By Elizabeth Carpenter‐Song, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 2023. 176 pp.

Claudia Strauss

Review of Resurrecting the Black Body: Race and the Digital Afterlife By Tonia Sutherland, Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. 2023. 214 pp.

Akil Fletcher

Review of Unexpected: Parenting, Prenatal Testing, and Down Syndrome By Alison Piepmeier, with George Estreich and Rachel Adams. New York: NYU Press. 2021. 200 pp.

Christine Sargent

Review of The New Death: Mortality and Death Care in the Twenty‐First Century By Shannon Lee Dawdy and Tamara Kneese (Eds.), Santa Fe, NM: SAR Press. 2022. 352 pp.

Sofia Pinedo‐Padoch

Review of Abortion Pills Go Global: Reproductive Freedom Across Borders By Sydney Calkin, Oakland, CA: University of California Press. 2023. 278 pp.

Elise Andaya

Review of Gut Anthro: An Experiment in Thinking with Microbes By Amber Benezra. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 2023. 282 pp.

Andrew Flachs

Review of Archiving Medical Violence: Consent and the Carceral State By Christopher Perreira, Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press. 2023. 170 pp.

Aisha Khan

Review of My Girls: The Power of Friendship in a Poor Neighborhood By Jasmin Sandelson, Oakland CA: University of California Press. 2023. 311 pp.

Erin V. Moore

Review of Single Mothers and the State’s Embrace: Reproductive Agency in Vietnam By Harriet M. Phinney, Seattle: Washington University Press. 2022. 219 pp.

Tine M. Gammeltoft

Review of Tip of the Spear: Black Radicalism, Prison Repression, and the Long Attica Revolt By Orisanmi Burton, Oakland: University of California Press. 2023. 328 pp.

Fabian Fernandez