Content from Medical Anthropology Quarterly


“Find that Balance:” The Impact of Cultural Consonance and Dissonance on Mental Health among Utah and Mormon Women

Elizabeth Bingham Thomas, Erica Hawvermale, Essa Temple, and H. J. François Dengah

September 1, 2019


Protestant Techniques of Care: The Hindu, the Pentecost, and the “Secular”

Ian Whitmarsh

June 1, 2019


The Morality of Disordered Eating and Recovery in Southern Italy

Ann M. Cheney, Kathleen Grubbs, and Steve Sullivan

September 1, 2018


Negotiations of Blame and Care among HIV-positive Mothers and Daughters in South Africa's Eastern Cape

Beth Vale, Lucie Cluver, and Rebecca Hodes

December 1, 2017

Content from Critical Care


Psychiatry, the State, and Interpretive Contests in Pakistan 

Neil Krishan Aggarwal

January 2, 2024