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Medical Anthropology Quarterly’s Book Reviews Editor invites reviews of books and other media that are likely to appeal broadly to medical anthropologists and colleagues in neighboring disciplines. We do not accept unsolicited or volunteered reviews.

Publishers who would like to have books considered for review should direct inquiries to:

Guidelines for Reviewers

Reviews of single books or films should be 750–1,250 words; reviews of multiple books or films should be 1,250–2,250 words. Please consider the following points when preparing your review:

  • Evaluate the book in light of MAQ’s aims and scope.
  • Avoid dry, formulaic reviews that merely summarize chapters; focus instead on the book’s purpose, key points, methods, and style.
  • Address the book’s importance to the field and place it in the context of relevant literature.
  • Consider the book’s relevance for teaching at various levels.
  • Consider both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Focus on the book, not the author; avoid ad hominem attacks or unrelated praise.
  • The more your review focuses on purpose, content, and style, the more informative it will be to MAQ’s readers.

For reviews that consider multiple items, comparison is encouraged. For edited volumes, you may comment on several chapters (perhaps the strongest and weakest), but be certain to address the overall integration and impact of the book. For second or later editions, please note changes from earlier editions.

Submission Procedures

Once complete, invited book reviews should be sent to the reviews editor at the email address below. The Book Reviews Editor may request revisions for clarity, content, or style. Once accepted, your review will go to the Managing Editor for copyediting and formatting. You will have an opportunity to view the final version of the review before it is published.

Book Reviews Editor

Daisy Deomampo, Ph.D.
Fordham University
Mailing Address:
Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology, Dealy Hall 404C, 441 E. Fordham Rd., Bronx, NY 10458

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