Content from Medical Anthropology Quarterly


“Making Patients” in Postwar and Resource‐scarce Settings. Diagnosing and Treating Mental Illness in Postwar Kosovo

Hanna Kienzler

March 1, 2020


Cell Phones ≠ Self and Other Problems with Big Data Detection and Containment during Epidemics

Susan L. Erikson

September 1, 2018


The Data Hustle: How Beneficiaries Benefit from Continual Data Collection and Humanitarian Aid Research in the Somali Region of Ethiopia

Lauren Carruth

September 1, 2018

Content from Critical Care


Duplicitous Trust: Village Health Work in the Wake of Humanitarian Protection Failings in Uganda 

Charlotte Brown and Chiara Chiavaroli

October 19, 2023

Blog Series: Theorizing Trust from Anthropological Perspectives