A Eulogy for Jane Robinson: A Social Autopsy of Uncare Policies


Shortly after losing her health insurance in 2018, Jane Robinson died of a treatable respiratory infection. This article argues that Jane’s death occurred at the nexus of two different approaches to care: the necropolitics of uncare and the micropolitics of generative care labor. Both of these approaches to care increased Jane’s health and social vulnerability, in turn quickening her death. We adopt the necropolitics of uncare framework to identify and name the harmful policies and attitudes of disregard that control access to life saving medical care. In the micropolitics of care in Jane’s life, she became the safety net for others, which left little over when her health began to deteriorate. This social autopsy reveals that her care networks were insufficient to undo the uncare enshrined in state policy. Jane’s unnecessary death foreshadowed the excess mortality that the United States has experienced from COVID‐19.