Volume 36, Issue 1 (March 2022)


Fat Is All My Fault: Globalized Metathemes of Body Self‐blame

Alexandra Brewis, Amber Wutich, Cindi SturtzSreetharan, Jessica Hardin, and Sarah Trainer

A Eulogy for Jane Robinson: A Social Autopsy of Uncare Policies

Jessica M. Mulligan and Madeline Weil

“Housing Is Health Care”: Treating Homelessness in Safety‐net Hospitals

Ariana Thompson‐Lastad, Christoph Hanssmann, Irene H. Yen, Janet K. Shim, Mark D. Fleming, Maryani Palupy Rasidjan, Meredith Van Natta, and Nancy J. Burke

The Woman Who Testified: The Pentecostalization of Psychiatry in Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon

Elizabeth Durham

Datafied Pregnancies: Health Information Technologies and Reproductive Governance in Turkey

Seda Saluk

Viral Entanglements: Bodies, Belonging and Truth‐claims in Health Borderlands

Ben Kasstan

Alien Guts? Exploring Lives of and with Irritable Bowels in Denmark

Camilla Brændstrup Laursen, Lone Grøn, and Lotte Meinert

Policy Statement: Mental Well‐being among Anthropologists at Universities: A Call for System Transformation

Alex Fitzpatrick, Beatriz M. Reyes‐Foster, Emma Louise Backe, Erica Hua Fletcher, Meagan Thies‐Sauder, Melinda González, Rachel P. Riendeau, Rob Meeker, Shir Lerman Ginzburg, and Tory Brykalski

Book Reviews

Review of Reimagining Social Medicine from the South. Abigail H. Neely, Durham: Duke University Press, 2021, 169 pp.

Casey Golomski

Review of Dying to Count: Post‐abortion Care and Global Reproductive Health Politics in Senegal. Siri Suh, New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2021, 226 pp.

Mounia El Kotni

Review of Extreme Weight Loss: Life before and after Bariatric Surgery. Sarah Trainer, Alexandra Brewis, and Amber Wutich, New York: NYU Press, 2021, 232 pp.

Bodil Just Christensen and Lotte Holm