Volume 35, Issue 2 (June 2021)


Painful Subjects: Treating Chronic Pain among People Living with HIV in the Age of Opioid Risk

Carlos del Rio, Jeffrey H. Samet, Jennifer J. Carroll, Jonathan A. Colasanti, Karsten Lunze, and Marlene C. Lira

Can a Neighborhood Fall Sick? Opioid Addiction, Collective Violence and Currents of Death in Contemporary India

Bhrigupati Singh

A Second Chance: Reenactment and Recovery Narratives in a Peruvian Drug Rehabilitation Center

Sydney M. Silverstein

Going Nowhere: Ambivalence about Drug Treatment during an Overdose Public Health Emergency in Vancouver

Danya Fast

Therapeutic Borderlands: Austerity, Maternal HIV Treatment, and the Elusive End of AIDS in Mozambique

Rachel R. Chapman

Genitourinary Systems Entangled with Shifting Environments in a Salvadoran Subsistence Farming Community

Christian Villanueva, Fernando Chacón Serrano, Hope Ferdowsian, Miguel Geovanny Arias Rodas, Mike Anastario, and Milton Alexander Escobar Arteaga

Interventive Care: Uncertainty, Distributed Agency, and Cesarean Section in a Zika Virus Epidemic

K. Eliza Williamson

Not Breathing Easy: “Disarticulated Homework” in Asthma Management

Chelsey R. Carter, Erika A. Waters, Jean M. Hunleth, and Julie Spray

Book Reviews

Review of The Medicalization of Marijuana: Legitimacy, Stigma and the Patient Experience. Michelle Newhart and William Dolphin, New York: Routledge, 2019, 302 pp.

Michael Polson

Review of Guynecology: The Missing Science of Men’s Reproductive Health. Rene Almeling, Oakland: The University of California Press, 2020, 304 pp.

Emily Wentzell

Review of Sustaining Life: AIDS Activism in South Africa. Theodore Powers, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020, 280 pp.

Christopher J. Colvin

Review of Adverse Events: Race, Inequality, and the Testing of New Pharmaceuticals. Jill A. Fisher, New York: NYU Press, 2020, 336 pp.

Laura A. Meek

Review of Twilight of Cutting: African Activism and Life after NGOs. Saida Hodžić, Oakland: University of California Press, 2017, 416 pp.

Jamie Shenton

Review of Managing Diabetes: The Cultural Politics of Disease. Jeffrey Bennett, New York: NYU Press, 2019, 272 pp.

Emily E. Vasquez

Review of Living on the Spectrum: Autism and Youth in Community, Elizabeth Fein, New York: NYU Press, 2020, 293 pp.

Ellen Badone

Review of Documenting Death: Maternal Mortality and the Ethics of Care in Tanzania. Adrienne E. Strong, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2020, 270 pp.

Kathleen Rice