Omar Dewachi’s Ungovernable Life

At the 2019 AAA meetings in Vancouver, the Society for Medical Anthropology Awarded the New Millennium Book Award to Omar Dewachi, for his 2017 monograph, Ungovernable Life: Mandatory Medicine and Statecraft in Iraq.  This award, given every two years, recognizes “the author whose work is judged to be the most significant and potentially influential contribution to medical anthropology.”  Dewachi’s book was selected in part because the committee considered it to be a work of “exceptional courage” and “potential impact beyond the field” of medical anthropology.  This forum on Ungovernable Life will be the first in a series of online discussions featuring award-winning books.  

Please enjoy the following engagements with this remarkable book:

Sourcing and Positioning an Iraqi Medicine: Reading Dewachi’s Ungovernable Life

Nadje Al-Ali | June 2, 2020

Life as Collapse

Harris Solomon | June 2, 2020

War and medicine in Iraq: physicians and the aftermath of empire

Michelle Pentecost | June 2, 2020

Book Forum Response

Omar Dewachi | June 2, 2020